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27 Aug

It FINALLY happened! In June of 2012 my husband and I were married and shortly after that day we filed to change my status to a permanent resident as well as a temporary permission to work until the PR came through. The work permit was supposed to come within 90 days, so we waited… And waited….90 days passed, then 6 months passed… And nothing. I had solidly been calling weekly since January of this year and NO progress, I was frustrated. This had been the first time since I was 15 that I hadn’t worked, talk about going stir crazy! I’ve tried to keep busy with making cakes(ill do an update post of my latest cakes) cleaning etc.

Finally in July around my birthday we received a notice in the mail about an interview with immigration for August 2. I immediately called my Hubby who booked the day off so we could head to Dallas. I was excited and hopeful that this would be the last one.

That morning we got up at 4 and left the house at 5 am giving us ample time to make the 830am appointment and to even get some breakfast. Wrong! Lol, we should have arrived in Dallas at 7am but traffic was awful so we arrived at immigration at 8:17 so no time for breakfast, we headed right in and upstairs. We checked in and they have us one of those vibrating coaster things (you know the ones restaurants often use) and waited patiently. About 45 minutes later a young woman flagged us over and we went back to her office and started the interview. It was much more laid back than some of the other steps we’ve gone through, we were all laughing making jokes and answering all her questions. I handed her a stack of over 200 photos and she asked a few more questions, where we met, etc. Then she said the magic word: approved! Woohoo!

1 week later I received my welcome to the USA letter, then another week passed and I received my Green Card then finally my social security card. I’m soooooo excited and have been revamping my résumé and I’m sooo ready to get to work 🙂

Yay!!!! 🙂