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T’is the Season!

4 Nov

Okay…. maybe not quite there yet. BUT Lately I’ve been seeing alot of posts on my Facebook feed about people decorating for Christmas already, I have to admit I was mildly jealous since I had already promised my hubby that my Christmas craziness wouldn’t start to appear throughout the house until AFTER thanksgiving LOL.

Most of my friends decorating and celebrating early are like me- oilfield wifeys. I feel for those families that are alone during the holidays while their hubby’s are out in the cold working and having to be alone as well 😦 so I totally get doing early or late holidays… Thankfully my hubby isn’t always out of town working his tail off, this year we’ve been super lucky with that. That could change tomorrow though, we never know so we enjoy as much time together as we can. I’ve started veering off from where this post was supposed to go lol, surprise, surprise.

All these posts of trees, decorations and endless sparkle hasn’t been helping with my Christmas fever. At. All. Lol. But as promised I’m only going to post a couple things our little family will be hopefully doing:

This being our first Christmas married I wanted to start a tradition for us that would both last for years and remind us of all the time gone by. Ornaments filled with our hopes and wishes for the year ahead, or maybe your favorite memory of the last year. Not only does it give you and your loved ones a chance to reflect what you’re thankful for, your wishes etc. but how fun would it be to look back in 5, 10 or even 50 years and remember those moments?

You don’t need a whole lot of money to do this little project, you can find everything at hobby lobby and in your pantry or craft drawers.

Just buy some clear Christmas ornaments, they’re usually inexpensive especially if you use the in store coupon (you can even pull it up on your smart phone and they’ll type the code in, so don’t panic if you forget the trustee paper coupon at home). Get yourself a nice extra fine tip permanent marker, some paper it could be plain white paper or Christmas themed or whatever you want – have fun with this. Now decorating wise you can do whatever you want but I myself would definitely keep it clear so I could see what was written, maybe a few accents here and there OR you could even make it look like a snowball with a little Modge podge and Epsom salt:


How cute right? I saw this on Pinterest and thought how awesome would that be with a window for the paper to be visible???? Definitely going to be doing this! And I’ll post pictures when that happens 🙂

Another thing I would love to do came from Pinterest (yes again) lol. This woman’s blog is awesome by the way, a little bit of everything in it 🙂 my husband and I are spiritual people and we both believe in God and the Bible and I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the holidays that we forget to stop and remind ourselves what the celebration is really about. The blogger Kendra posted 24 scriptures for the month of December to teach her little ones about the true meaning of Christmas. What a great idea!


You can check out the blog here, it even has a printout of the scriptures for you.

How cute would that be to turn into a crafty project, a book or something fun for the little ones, for everyone really.

Whatever your faith is, whatever your belief I hope that during the holidays we all take the time to remind ourselves of what and why we are celebrating and to enjoy every single moment with family and friends.

*Sigh* I better stop pinning and get to bed before I sneak into the Christmas boxes in the closet. Good night all! I hope you’ve all had a blessed day 🙂


Rainy Day Projects

15 Oct

Bring on the cold weather! LOL Life has been so fast paced lately I’m still catching up on posts and projects :p

A couple weeks ago we got a real surprise when the weather dropped from the high 80s to the low 40s. It was cold, wet and rainy. My husband said this was normal Texas weather, one minute it could be super hot and the next it could be freezing cold or pouring down rain lol, I guess my Canadian self isn’t quite so used to the quick drastic changes yet. But anyways, I’m losing the plot here lol.

It was pouring down rain and a restless 4 year old running around. I always love crafting and what better way for a 4 year old to be creative and for us to bond ( I’m a proud stepmom 🙂 ). What’s better than getting messy with glue, paintbrushes and some pretty colors of tissue paper?? I cut out some shapes like hearts, squares, circles, stars, triangles etc. took some WASHABLE white glue mixed with water so it’s runny and reminds you of milk and some paintbrushes. I made sure to lay down a large garbage bag to catch any drops that might have fallen and let her loose on the patio door. She had a ball and did a great job!

Here’s a couple snapshots :



That night was also pizza night, only it was homemade pizza night! Hubby was excited and my stepdaughter was excited to decorate her own 🙂

I used the dough recipe from ‘The Joy of Cooking’ and while she was creating a masterpiece on the patio door , the dough had enough time to rise :



Hubby and I of course made our own ‘grown up’ pizzas :


Then we all settled onto the couch and enjoyed a movie in each others company 🙂

The next morning I woke up and got busy in the kitchen whipping up breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon YUM!

I always try to make a fun little spin on her breakfasts: this morning i tried a Halloween themed character:


Originally the ‘vampire’ had strawberry fangs but the little ate them before I could get to the camera lol.

After our bellies were full we relaxed for a bit and decided to make a couple decorations for Halloween so we made a couple ghosts to hang outside.


Just a little bit of cheese cloth, black felt, glue and a couple styrofoam balls 🙂 The little one was thrilled to get some Halloween decorations up… I’m even more excited for Christmas…. Oh Pinterest projects I’m coming!!!! 😉

What a great weekend we had 🙂

I hope you all have a blessed day 🙂