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Truly Blessed

30 Oct

I feel like I’ve been doing alot of reflection lately, from the little things to the big ginormous things. I’ve been stressing over EVERYTHING…I was surfing around and I saw a video today that literally brought me to tears. It was a music video and in it the gentleman singing incorporates snapshots of his life and it was such a beautiful, moving song. I decided to dive a little further and found his story. It was a man who had been with his then fiancée for years and only months before they were set to walk down the aisle she was in a horrific car accident that left her with a permanent brain injury, she had to learn to walk again on her own, learn to talk again and even today she journeys down this new path facing the battles head on with her loving fiancé by her side. How amazing for him to be a real man and have such a great heart and character.

It made me realize that instead of being so caught up all if the ‘dramas’ and little annoyances of life, I need to wake up and just let it go. Life is WAY too short to be bickering or stressing. Please take the time to enjoy those hugs and kisses, don’t let life pass you by and be truly thankful for what you have.

I am truly thankful for:
-Having an amazing husband who loves me unconditionally, supports me in all I do and who walks beside me in life
-being lucky enough to be a part of my stepdaughters life
– my family and friends
– having a roof over my head and food in my belly
– for my faith in God
– being able to wake up every morning and to build on the memories
– for those people who try my patience, without challenges like this I wouldn’t grow stronger when it comes to facing the ‘hard’ times

I hope y’all have a blessed day.

A link to the video:
Chris Medina- What are words


My Spicy Stuffed Burgers!

25 Oct

It was a burger night tonight at our house, mostly because I was craving a nice baked potato lol. I had only ever made burgers twice before tonight, the first time was horrible, they fell apart, had too much onion and just plain sucked lol, I’m surprised my hubby managed to stomach it, but he did -with a smile on his face I might add 🙂

The second time I decided to try a stuffed burger with jalapeños, bacon, mushrooms, onions and pepper jack. When hubby came home and found out we were having burgers, I got a kind of skeptical look, fair enough lol the first time was awful but let’s give it a try :). As always he did with a smile on his face and grabbed the burger and took a bite while I waited on pins and needles for that look in his eyes that says ‘well done wifey’ haha. Time moved slowly as it always does when he takes the first bite of a meal I’ve cooked for him… Waited and FINALLY! There it was, that look that said ‘damn that’s great!’. Woohoo! I win! Lol

A picture of the filling :




Update :
I thought I would update with a bit of a recipe:


3 strips of bacon, cooked then diced
2-3 button mushrooms
1 jalapeño
1/4 of a white onion finely diced
2-3 slices of pepper jack

1 lb ground beef
1/2 cup of breadcrumbs ( or more if the consistency is too ‘loose’ )
Worchestire sauce
1 tsp Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper
1 egg

1. Cook up bacon until crisp , move to the side to cool and drain most of the fat.
2. Add the rest of filling ingredients (except the cheese- that will melt as the burger cooks 🙂 )
3. Dice the bacon, add to the veggies and set to the side to cool (or stick it on the freezer for a couple minutes )
4. Throw all the burger ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
5. When the filling is cooled add the diced pepper jack and put a big spoonful of the filling in the middle of a patty made from the ground beef, top with another patty and seal the edges of the burger so that the cheese doesn’t leak out.
6. I let them sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes before frying.

Top with your toppings, cheese whatever you want! The filling is fun to play around with ingredients 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

Breakfast Braid

18 Oct

I’ve been trying to get a little creative when it comes to hubby’s breakfasts for work- I think he was getting burnt out on the typical bacon and egg toasted samiches lol. I hunted around for some inspiration and found a braid with apples and that started the wheels turning…. A breakfast braid it is!

I used a recipe for pizza dough that called for you to mix the yeast right into the dough without doing the whole water thing first to let it proof. I thought this was strange as I’ve always proofed the yeast before adding it to my flour for pizza dough :). I tried it anyways, it rose but it was definitely nowhere near as nice as when you do it the traditional way. If making dough isn’t your thing, you can definitely do this with a tube of pillsbury pizza dough or crescents even.

My husband loves spicy foods so I used jalapeño sausage from a local butcher (YUM). If spice isn’t your thing then use a mild breakfast sausage or even turkey sausage would be super yummy! Cook it up and set it off to the side.

Next, dice up some potatoes, onions, and red bell peppers. Now if you’re like me and you tend to keep bacon grease to use to fry stuff up lol use about a tbsp of it otherwise use about 2tbsp of butter or canola oil. Fry it all up together, add your meat to it to warm. In a separate pan, scramble some eggs until they set but don’t cook them till they’re dry (you’ll be baking it for about 15 minutes once you put it all together).

Grab your dough and roll it out to about a 1/4 inch thick rectangle. Place your egg mixture down the middle and top with the vegetables and meat mixture. Use a pizza cutter to cut strips to within about a 1/2 inch of the filling. Alternate strips so that you get that braid effect. Place some cornmeal down on your baking sheet and place the roll ontop and toss in the oven until you get some golden brown coloring 🙂 and enjoy!
(You can make these personal sized , fruit filled or one big one for the family to enjoy on Sunday morning breakfast). My actual recipe for dough and filling follows after the picture.

Rainy Day Projects

15 Oct

Bring on the cold weather! LOL Life has been so fast paced lately I’m still catching up on posts and projects :p

A couple weeks ago we got a real surprise when the weather dropped from the high 80s to the low 40s. It was cold, wet and rainy. My husband said this was normal Texas weather, one minute it could be super hot and the next it could be freezing cold or pouring down rain lol, I guess my Canadian self isn’t quite so used to the quick drastic changes yet. But anyways, I’m losing the plot here lol.

It was pouring down rain and a restless 4 year old running around. I always love crafting and what better way for a 4 year old to be creative and for us to bond ( I’m a proud stepmom 🙂 ). What’s better than getting messy with glue, paintbrushes and some pretty colors of tissue paper?? I cut out some shapes like hearts, squares, circles, stars, triangles etc. took some WASHABLE white glue mixed with water so it’s runny and reminds you of milk and some paintbrushes. I made sure to lay down a large garbage bag to catch any drops that might have fallen and let her loose on the patio door. She had a ball and did a great job!

Here’s a couple snapshots :



That night was also pizza night, only it was homemade pizza night! Hubby was excited and my stepdaughter was excited to decorate her own 🙂

I used the dough recipe from ‘The Joy of Cooking’ and while she was creating a masterpiece on the patio door , the dough had enough time to rise :



Hubby and I of course made our own ‘grown up’ pizzas :


Then we all settled onto the couch and enjoyed a movie in each others company 🙂

The next morning I woke up and got busy in the kitchen whipping up breakfast: pancakes, eggs, bacon YUM!

I always try to make a fun little spin on her breakfasts: this morning i tried a Halloween themed character:


Originally the ‘vampire’ had strawberry fangs but the little ate them before I could get to the camera lol.

After our bellies were full we relaxed for a bit and decided to make a couple decorations for Halloween so we made a couple ghosts to hang outside.


Just a little bit of cheese cloth, black felt, glue and a couple styrofoam balls 🙂 The little one was thrilled to get some Halloween decorations up… I’m even more excited for Christmas…. Oh Pinterest projects I’m coming!!!! 😉

What a great weekend we had 🙂

I hope you all have a blessed day 🙂