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DIY Foam Board Chalkboard

13 Sep

My hubby’s daughter absolutely LOVES drawing with chalk and let’s be honest here… Don’t we all? I know the little girl inside of me still does haha. I looked and looked but I either hated the ones at the store, or refused to pay the outrageous prices for the ‘nice’ ones.

After doing some research online I stumbled upon a few DIY ideas but no matter how nice it looked I didn’t want something heavy on the wall. No matter how you bolt something down, sometimes the little ones have a way of pulling it apart lol. So I figured why not use foam board? It’s lightweight, easily hangs up and it’s super easy to work with. Off to the store I went. I picked up the following:

2 pieces of 20 by 30 foam board
1 can of black chalkboard spray paint

I managed to do all of this for just under $15. Thanks to a 50% off coupon for michaels and 50% off tulle and ribbon at hobby lobby. Saweet!

First spray paint the foam board in a well ventilated area. Trust me the fumes off this stuff STINK.


Let the boards dry for a full 24 hrs before you start using it. And rub a piece of chalk on the board to condition it for use 🙂

I chose to keep the board fairly low to the ground since the little one is only 4 years old so I stuck a few nails in the board to make sure it stayed put.


Then I wanted to make it a little more girly and keep to the colors in her room so I found some sparkly tulle and some really cute pink ribbon.


So I draped the fabric around the chalkboard and finally the ‘princess’ chalkboard was complete! 🙂 I can’t wait to see her face when she sees it!